Thunder Ridge Records

January 2015

The much awaited first album from

the Stephen Wentworth Band : COMING SOON! 

March 2014



Congratulations to Abrial upon the release of TAKE SHELTER (2014) onThunder Ridge Records!  It's always gratifying to help a new artist undertake their first full-length recording, from the ground up. Abrial, who lives in Hawaii and works for the Sierra Club, began this project with limited means, and successfully raised $4,657 on to bring it to completion - a three year effort in all! Her songwriting is daring and philosophical, and her supple, edgy voice cuts through the usual hum-drum fare we're all used to, startling in it's penetrating honesty. We look forward to many more releases from Abrial! 


January 2013


This album has been in the works for a couple years, and we are incredibly pleased and proud to be releasing it finally, after many months of planning and execution!

For those new to Doug's playing, be prepared for a guitarist with a feel and grace to his playing, like no other. Equally facile at bluegrass and jazz, this album also showcases classical interpretations that have an energy and wit their composers (Bach and Chopin) would surely admire.

Doug is joined on this album by long-time collaborators mandolinist Jamie Masefield, fiddler Patrick Ross and bassist Tyler Bolles, with cameo appearances by bassist Pat Melvin and guitarist Kristina Stykos.

Rallying to meet varying magnitudes of complexity and dynamic range, these original ensemble pieces are alive and similar to much of what Doug performs regionally. Additionally, there are some wild rides a la Doug's fiddle tune repertoire, thanks to a few microphones getting thrown just in time, at a midnight jam session with Patrick. These recordings capture the duo's extraordinary pacing and amazing "lock" - and some of the best performances of traditional tunes Vermont has to offer. The remaining solo pieces are dazzling and fluid, featuring the poignant rhythmic and melodic nuances so admired by Doug's fans.

Throughout this album, Doug's polished technique and thrilling panache fly out at the listener, occasionally at breakneck speed. and always with his signature warmth of tone and personal goodness.