kara & andy lake

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Evidently in 2013, Kara and Andy Lake decided it was time to begin "a new and lifelong dream of writing and performing their own music as a duo." And so, this married couple turned their musical efforts towards Creating a band: Jennings & McComber.

How many Bands are Named after their Maternal grandmothers? This one is, for sure. You'll hear some of their remarkable Family history, in songs crafted from Loving Respect for the past, Joined at the hip with the very real challenges of the now. It has been an immense pleasure to be a part of this duo's musical evolution - to watch them conquer new goals with so much Passion & development of Craft.

"Vermont's bountiful folk scene is a blessing. But even in this crowded field, Will You Leave the Light On? is a high-water mark — polished to perfection, adventurous and ambitious. You can't escape the impression that Jennings & McComber have cracked some secret code. It takes a lifetime of work to make an album sound this good." [Justin Boland, Seven Days]

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