Mary McGinniss, a lifelong Vermonter, has been singing, playing string instruments, and writing songs since age 12.   At age seven,   she busted out  “ Who put the Bomp (In the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp)” dreaming beyond  the chain link fence of her catholic school playground.  Since then, she's come a long way.

WIth one album already under her belt, Mary arrived to record Red Tails and the Road, fully prepared to take charge of her process and artistic direction. That guiding vision and her dogged work ethic took us through to a beautifully eloquent finished product. As her friend Robert Resnik so aptly put it in his review of the album: "Red Tails and the Road is easy to listen to, but it certainly isn’t “easy listening.” McGinniss’ gently delivered words really count — the sentiments expressed have an iron core." [Seven Days]

Today she is a grandmother, works a day job,  and continues to pursue the mysterious weaving of story and song.